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I am not this – that is what Asangoham means. For example, I am wearing the cloth, but I am not the cloth.

The body is mine but I am not the body. I am not the thoughts, I am not the mind. Like this you go on to negate one by one all the layers of identity. And finally when you ask, ‘Who am I?’ You will find nothing!

‘I am nothing, I am just the space.’ That is what Asangoham is.

Meet the Team

Dr. Trupti Bhatt

Homeopathic Consultant, Yoga Teacher (900 hours RYT, 500 hours RYT Yoga Alliance USA), Reiki Master

‘When a great roar arises in your heart, train the mind to ride the storms instead of drowning in it. Make it the roar of freedom. Be consistent to accelerate the Pro-grace.’


With 18 years of experience, Dr. Bhatt familiarises you to the Vrittis, the nine obstacles in the path of Yoga, Kleshas, and how these concepts appear in your life. She further guides you in learning how to rise above them. Dr. Bhatt believes in learning while she teaches. As her student, you experience both her guidance and partnership in your journey. 

As a Reiki master, she furthers the practice of Yoga and assists in achieving alignment and understanding the mind-body connection, spirituality, and metaphysics. Trupti has created a space of conscious, spiritual, and meditative engagement with the self and the world through the glorious traditions of Yoga.


Look forward to informed learning, life guidance, and developing a profound base for the practice of Yoga.

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Vishwa Bhatt 

Yoga Teacher (900 hours RYT, 500 hours RYT Yoga Alliance USA),

Visual Artist, Student of Psychology 


Vishwa’s teaching practice is rooted in the act of service. She believes in sharing and providing - knowledge, wisdom, and healing. She is keen on comfort and confidence and helps students learn the balance between their body, breath, and mental experiences. (Read more)


Vishwa says, ‘when we prioritize consistency over motivation, we choose to act responsibly for our own well-being. And in this state, we show up for ourselves like we show up for our loved ones. With all our effort and all our compassion. And that makes all the positive difference on this path of self-love and growth.’  


Her teaching perspective draws from the realities of human life. She enables her students to balance opposing values - from sound to silence, from movement to stillness, both in practicing yogasana and living life. Hers is the practice of strengthening and soothing her students.


Experience judgement-free, mindful, and intuitive learning with Vishwa.

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What are people saying about us:

“Dr. Trupti, These workshops were very special to me as they are taught by my favourite teacher! In these COVID times, knowing to improve our lung capacity, knowing proper breathing techniques is very essential. Your teaching methodology is very amazing. From a 13 year old, to a senior age person can all easily understand the concepts you teach. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to learn pranayams and that too with much love!"

Rakesh Agrawal

Yoga by the Sea

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Toronto, Ontario

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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