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Our Services

Healing the Mind

Exercising the Curiosity

Nourishing the Soul 


Yoga Asana Sessions

Experience a healthier relationship with your body as you perform yogasanas (yoga postures). 

Gain mindful enthusiasm in the mind, stability in the body, and stillness in the soul.

Improve your flexibility and strength. 

Offering Group Sessions & Personal Sessions 

with Vishwa Bhatt & Dr. Trupti Bhatt

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra


Every Saturday @ 

11:30 AM EDT / 9:00 PM IST

Explore the depth of your soul, the answers that your curiosity searches for. Learn the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Dr. Trupti Bhatt.

Contact us for more details! 

Antelope Canyon
Rock Formation

Consultation with
Dr. Trupti Bhatt 

Consultations for

Homeopathic Medication,

Reiki Healing,

Yogic Diet and Asana Practice,

and Other Opportunities for Self-Work.

Contact us for more details! 


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